Mid-Day Energy Slump Explained

Mid-Day Energy Slump Explained
Do you experience a drop in energy levels in the afternoon, especially after lunch? Experiencing afternoon energy slumps is getting quite common, with experiencing feelings of mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, and sleepiness. While we say it’s common, we do not mean to say that afternoon is the time when you have to experience a loss of energy, focus, and creativity. We are here to tell you everything about it, including its causes and solutions. So why don’t you hop right in?


  • Reasons for afternoon energy slump

 The human body functions in various ways that significantly influence what we experience daily. Understanding our body better with enhanced body intelligence would be helpful in not only knowing the causes of our problems but also finding ways to overcome them. Here are the major reasons and causes of the mid-day energy slump.


  • Circadian Rhythm:

To understand the afternoon energy slump, let’s first talk about ‘circadian rhythm’- the body’s well-defined internal clock that shapes energy levels throughout the day. The circadian rhythm regulates the body's physical, mental, and behavioural cycles to monitor and manage energy metabolism. The circadian rhythm regulates our sleep-wake cycle, body-temperature cycle, and others. While circadian rhythms help manage these natural processes of the body, they do it by preparing the body for the expected changes in the environment. The sleep cycle of most living organisms is regulated by a circadian pattern wherein the body rotates between two phases: Anabolism, the active/feeding phase, and Catabolism, the sleep/fasting phase. So, when you experience mid-day energy slump and sleepiness, it is the body’s response to feeling tired in the afternoon, just like it does at night.


  • Lacking Enough Sleep

When you do not have enough sound sleep daily, you tend to create a sleep debt that makes it harder to stay awake and active all day and worsens the afternoon slump. An average adult requires 7 to 9 hours of sound sleep to perform active functions and remain healthy on a daily basis. It is also due to lack of sleep that your body’s circadian rhythm makes you feel tired in the afternoon, resulting in fatigue and sleepiness during that time.


  • Poor Eating Habits

An unhealthy diet is one of the major reasons that cause an energy slump right after eating. Foods high in sugar and unhealthy fats, as well as processed foods, cause the body’s energy levels to decrease rapidly. This decrease in energy sends a signal to the body’s internal clock to make you feel sleepy in the afternoon.


  • Feeling of Stress

When under stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol that makes you feel fatigued, anxious, and irritable, often also resulting in a mental fog. These lead to a feeling of lowness and sleepiness in the afternoon. Moreover, factors like poor sleep and unhealthy eating habits could add to the stress.


  • Dehydration

Keeping yourself well-hydrated helps improve cognitive function, mood, and sleep quality.

Research suggests that dehydration causes the body and brain cells to shrink, leading to fatigue, poor concentration, and poor memory, which can further cause feelings of sleepiness in the middle of the day.


 How to combat mid-day energy slump?


  • Get good quality sleep for adequate time.
  • Eat balanced and healthy meals that include greens, fruits, grains, and fibers.
  • Take a quick short nap in the middle of the day to increase memory retention and focus.
  • Spend time outdoors more often to gain the essential vitamin D from the sun.
  • Exercise and engage in physical activity or just a 10-minute walk post lunch.
  • Do all that you can to reduce stress levels.
  • Try a hydrating and rebooting Energy Drink that is loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep you going throughout the day.


Poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle habits can be one of the biggest causes of the mid-day energy slump. Switch to the delicious plant-based healthy that fulfills all your daily nutritional requirements and offers everyday wellness!


Stay tuned for more on healthy living.

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