a company with a mission

absolute transparency

We believe that everything you put in your body matters, alot. Therefore, we source ingredients from trusted suppliers & organic farms, while using a 100% chemical free extraction process.

innovative ingredients

Our products are backed with radical nutrition science & traditional healing wisdom to give your body what it needs to thrive.

taste with ease

We truly believe that healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless nor a compromise. Classically trained chefs & nutritionist, inspired global flavors. Our products are crafted with care, taste & convenience. We aim to provide the most important nutrients with all-pleasure.

when passion meets experience

Siblings Shreeraj Palkhiwala and Anushree Palkhiwala are from two different worlds, Bio Technology and Communication Design. 
Neverthless, they are driven by the same passion - to curate simple, tasty, nutritionally balanced quality products that people deserve.
With the guidance of their father, Dipal Palkhiwala and his 15 years of experience in food enzymes and plant based proteins they knew this dream was possible.
Together, they are on a journey to curate products that are made with intention.
By combining expert innovation with simple ingredients and global flavours, they want to provide healthy experiences that you crave without a compromise.

our values

human touch





grow with us

Our company was founded with a goal of becoming the change, to begin a new health and wellness movement in India.
For us quality and consistency is of utmost importance and we continue to work towards that mission. We’d love to have you join us. Let’s make a change, together.

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