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Flourish Fizz | Happy Digestion

For Better Gut Health & a Wide Smile on your Face

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    A glass of sweet & spicy nostalgia that not only improves your digestion but it also reduces gas, bloating, & uneasiness. This masala soda is nutritionally curated with bioactive enzymes that are good for you & your body's second brain, the stomach. 

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    Key Ingredients


    Direction of Use

    • Nutrients carefully derived from chemical free sources
    •  It tastes like nostalgia, with the right balance of sweet and spicy (masala) 
    • 1 tube contains 20 fizz tablets 

    Bio Active Enzymes (Alpha Galctosidase, Lipase, Protease, Lactase), Sweet-Spicy Masala & Nothing Else

    • Reduces gas & bloating 
    • Helps faster breakdown of fats, protein & carbohydrates (carbs)
    • Helps to improve digestion
    • Helps healthy weight support 
    • Increases nutrient absorption 

    1. Drop one tablet in 200 ml (approx 1 glass) cold water 

    2. Wait for 3-4 min for the tablet to fizz & dissolve completely 

    3. Stir if needed & drink up

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