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Everyday is a new day; a new beginning to pause, refresh, and restart; a new opportunity to strive and be one step closer to your best self. What you eat plays a major role in who you are and how you feel. Your lifestyle defines you and diet is the most significant aspect of your daily routine. Figuring out the perfect diet for yourself is always a work in progress, but what if we told you that we are here to make it easier for you?

We are Loop & Knot, a daily comfort foods brand offering health & wellness products that are plant-based and delicious! We make health more accessible and fun. Our expert team of food scientists and chefs are dedicated to craft products that are tasty, good for you and your body. Our products are nutritionally curated with ingredients that are clean, home-grown, and science-backed; this is how we ensure your daily holistic health and wellbeing!

meet our founders

Shreeraj Palkhiwala

Meet Shreeraj, a biotechnology student and an avid foodie, who always knew food was his calling. All through his times of youth and travels, he always loved mixing and matching foods and experimenting with different tastes. Studying biotechnology helped the 'foodie' in him understand the 'science' behind it. He gradually understood the acids, fats, and salts in a dish to make it taste better. What further helped was his father's plant protein business, in which he played an active role in formulating food applications for clients at the food science lab. It was while he experimented with foods for clients that Shreeraj knew he wanted to do it for his own brand!

Anushree Palkhiwala

Meet Anushree, a design student whose journey with health and wellness started way before she joined Loop & Knot. As a teenager, having dealt with acne leading to eating disorder, Anushree dived deep into the pool of nutritional foods and holistic wellness. She focused on the signs and signals of her body and experimented with healthy foods, different ingredients, and their impact on her body and mind. Gradually, she got inclined towards natural and simple eating habits by taking inspiration from both modern science and ayurveda. As she returned from London, she decided to co-develop a brand that is both healthy and holistic, and does not compromise on taste!

Hence began the journey of Loop & Knot

Like any other brand building journey, it was not an easy one. Developing nutritional superfoods was quite effortless, but bringing desired taste and deliciousness to them was a challenge. What we knew from the beginning was that we wanted to offer ‘health’ that ‘tastes good’! We wanted to change people’s conventional beliefs about plant protein tasting a certain way. While some of the major plant-based superfood brands had already set their foot in the market when we arrived, we wanted to be the brand that provided health with no compromise on taste.

This is where our father’s 17 years of experience and technical expertise came to the rescue! We experimented with and blended ingredients to bring out the perfect taste, texture, and mouthfeel to all our products. We also hired an organoleptic team that tested every product to match most people’s preferences. It was after working for three long years that we found the right taste for all our products.

Today, we can happily take pride in our brand as the only one that offers healthy food that tastes good. Each day we strive to research, course correct, and upgrade our products to make them better for you and your body. Gradually, we see our personal life goal of developing holistic wellness and becoming a better version of ourselves reflect in our brand. And our passion for developing something so nourishing and wholesome and calling it our own becomes the driving force in everything we do!

Today is a good day to take charge of your wellness. Do it with the one you trust!


grow with us

Our company was founded with a goal of becoming the change, to begin a new health and wellness movement in India.
For us quality and consistency is of utmost importance and we continue to work towards that mission. We’d love to have you join us. Let’s make a change, together.

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