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Complete Health Shake | Chocolate Ganache

Daily vitamins, minerals & macro in one drink

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Rich & delicious, dessert-inspired complete health shake is lactose-free (milk sugar-free) & easy to digest. Our pure plant protein & antioxidant-rich cacao blend is made with essential vitamins & minerals for your daily mind-body nutrition.

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  • A complete protein derived from two nutrient-dense plant sources, sprouted brown rice protein & pea protein
  • Has a naturally sweet, smooth, and creamy texture attained from freshly sourced Belgium cacao
  • 1 box makes 14 glasses of shake * contains 14 x 32g sachets per box

 Nutrient Rich Plant Protein Blend (Pea Protein, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein), Cacao , Vitamins & Minerals (Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc & much more), Sweetener.

  • Increases metabolic rate 
  • Uplifts your mood 
  • Rich source of macro and micronutrients 
  • Boosts quick body healing & recovery
  • Easy to digest 
  • Satisfies your sweet cravings, with no guilt 

1. Empty the 32g sachet in 200 ml (approx. 1 glass) chilled water or skimmed milk or milk 

2. Blend it or shake it till the powder completely dissolves

Step 1: Empty the 32g sachet in 200 ml (approx. 1 glass) chilled water or skimmed milk or other dairy alternatives of your choice.

Step 2: Blend or shake till the powder mixes well.

  • Best to kick-start your morning with this nourishing dose of plant power.
  • Have it at any time of the day, when you are craving dessert but want a healthy, guilt-free alternative.
  • Works great pre- and post-workout.
  • Anyone looking for a healthy alternative to milkshakes, desserts or just something sweet.
  • Anyone making a healthy & conscious diet switch.
  • Anyone feeling low, tired, and fatigued.

Everyday health problems
that you ignore

Don't Skip

Does this sound familiar to you?

In case of experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you might be facing essential vitamins and minerals deficiency.

Balancing your body's macro and micronutrients is a vital step toward ensuring a healthy and happy life. Any nutritional deficit could lead to short-term and long-term problems and be fatal.



What can you do?

  • Most diseases could be prevented using well-balanced nutrition, and switching to a healthy lifestyle, as it is the first step towards gaining lost nutrition
  • Diet, being the major aspect of one's lifestyle, plays a key role in establishing a daily healthy routine
  • A plant-based diet is a diet that consists of plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. This is a diet that does not necessarily make you vegetarian or vegan, but you consciously choose more foods that come from plant sources. A plant based diet offers complete nourishment and is well-balanced in itself

Let us explain you the Difference

Plant Based Diet
  • Is a nutrient-dense source of soluble and insoluble fibers
  • Includes healthy unsaturated fats that lowers risk of heart diseases
  • Rich source of all the macro and micronutrients your body needs
Regular Diet
  • May or may not be a rich source of fibers
  • Includes fatty foods that are harmful
  • May not provide the required amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals

Why Choose Plant Based Super Food?

Making a healthy switch to a plant-based diet is a highly beneficial and effective choice. Switching to clean, plant-based superfoods gives you a complete and wholesome dose of all the essential nutrients that target your daily health and weliness concerns. What more can it do?

What more can it do?
  • Plant-based superfoods keep your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients balanced for a healthy functioning body
  • They help ward off diseases and keep you healthier
  • They offer a complete mind-body nutrition for all-round everyday wellness
Having plant-based diet improves
Gut Health
Cholestrol levels
Immune System
Good Sleep

Why "Loop & Knot"?

We are a brand that develops clean, pure, plant-based comfort foods, that are good for your body and mind.

Our plant-based superfoods are great in taste and rich in essential micronutrients, macronutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Why Loop & Knot
Complete Health Shake?

  • Offers multifold health benefits
  • Tastes like dessert
  • Healthy dose of nutrition
  • Tummy filling
  • Rich in daily health essentials
  • Pure plant-protein and antioxidant-rich cacao blend
  • Offers sustained energy throughout the day

Loop & Knot Complete Health Shake
Chocolate Ganache is made out of some
highly beneficial ingredients!

Pea Protein

  • Rich source of iron & protein
  • Good for heart health

Sprouted Brown Rice

  • Rich in calories & protein
  • Rich in saturated fat & fiber
  • Heart healthy
  • 4x more vitamin E than regular rice
  • 3x more vitamin B-1, B-6, & magnesium than regular rice prevents formation of cancerous cells

Raw Cacao

  • Antioxidant-rich source of fiber
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reducing risk of heart diseases

The Complete Health Shake is also enriched
with essential vitamins and minerals like


  • Offers healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver
  • Helps the nervous system function properly
  • Reducing risk of heart diseases

Vitamin A:

  • Improves immune function
  • Improves eye health

Vitamin B12:

  • Nourishes the brain
  • Reduces fatigue

Vitamin D:

  • Keeps bones, teeth, muscles healthy
  • Reduces the risk of major diseases like type 2 diabetes & certain cancers

Vitamin E:

  • Maintains healthy skin and eyes
  • Builds body's immune system


  • Supports bone health
  • Supports heart health


  • Improves metabolism
  • Improves acne symptoms

Still Wondering if the
Complete health Shake is for

  • If you are someone looking for a healthy alternative to milkshakes, desserts or just something sweet, this is for you.
  • If you are someone making a health & conscious diet switch, this is for you.
  • If you are someone feeling low, tired, and fatigued at any time of the day, this is your quick


Is the Complete Health Shake helpful in losing weight?

Yes, as it is a rich source of all the essential vitamins and minerals, you can take it as a replacement to meals and still remain energetic and nourished!

Can a diabetic take the Complete Health Shake?

It is made with a pure plant-based formula and organic ingredients with NO ADDED SUGAR. While it is completely safe to use for a diabetic, do consult your doctor once for the same!

Can I gain weight if I consume the Complete Health Shake?

Not if you have it on its own with no sides. But if you are looking for healthy weight gain, you can have healthy side meal along with the shake!

Is it better than taking nutritional supplements?

Definitely! It is a complete nutritional package so you do not need to worry about popping multiple supplements. Moreover, it is oh-so-yummy that one can relish it guilt-free!

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